0ur past and upcoming guest included those who tell their true stories of “Ghost & Demonic hauntings”, demonic possession, oppression, and those who investigate, and eradicate the haunted cases, as well as those who educate on related topics.
[Warning Mature subject matter.]

Previous Guest Include: Patrick Doyle (Ghost Mine), Lorraine Warren (Amityville Horror Investigators, The Conjuring, Paranormal State “Demonologist”), Tony Spera (NESPR, Paranormal State), Author Gerald Brittle (“The Demonologist: The Extra Ordinary career of Ed and Lorraine Warren”, & “The Devil in Connecticut”), Roman Catholic Exorcist  Fr. Vince Lampert, Fr. Jeffery Steffon (Spiritual Warfare Counselor , Clinical psychologist, Author of “Spiritual Warfare for Catholics”, “Satatnism: Is it real?”), Carmen Reed (A Haunting In Connecticut, In a Dark Place), Deborah and Arne Johnson, (The Devil in Connecticut, the Demon Murder Trials), Author  Mark Hunnemann, Ralph Sarchie ("Deliver Us from Evil" Book/Movie/Demon Files TV),  Fr. Gary Thomas, Roman Catholic Exorcist "The Rite" Book/Movie, Adam Blai,
Lisa Collier Cool - Co-Author of "Beware the Night/Deliver us from Evil", Fr. Mike Driscoll P.hD, Author, Spiritual Warfare/Mental Health Consultant, Pastor Robin Swope, Carin Smurl (The Haunted),  and more….




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