The Reel Deel's Tv Show
(Formerly "Demonology Today")

(Live broadcast Sunday Evenings at: 6PM PST / 8PM CST / 9PM EST.)

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The Chatroom is on this page as well

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LNM Radio network (Live Simulcast)
You can also 'listen live' on The
a) Sign up and Join chatroom if you desire  (Not yet set up for mobile/smart phones)

b) click on the
 "STUDIO A"  player button to listen to live
audio stream during the Live broadcast Sunday Evenings at: 6PM PST / 8PM CST / 9PM EST.

 set up dual chatrooms , just open each link in a separate browser windows
and then position them side by side vertically.  The show streams will vary by a few seconds.
So you will want to shut off the audio on one (Youtube, or the LNM radio stream). This will not affect chat.

 Smart Phone APP Instructions coming soon!

 Troubleshooting and Notes:

 Windows XP will not work  to play LIVE shows, (Try the "Chrome" internet browser before giving up!
You will have to go back to an older version), then do a check for updates to see if you indeed have the latest version

2) Try an internet browser page
 'Refresh'  first, this should be done even for chatroom if it is not responding.

3) If you get a message when trying to play the live stream:
 "Requires HTML 5", **update your internet browser. (Win VISTA, Win 7, Win 8)
**Also note that there are "add-on / Plugins" available for your internet browser that you can try to better support

4) You can always test your internet speed with , to eliminate your internet

5) Consider that some computer (and smart phone)
viruses will cause the computer to slow down, even on the internet.
6) Cell phones only -
 update your youtube player app
, if that does not solve the problem, your phone's OS is outdated.

3-4 times a week these extra videos will be Uploaded onto Youtube

These are pre-recorded "VLOGS", featuring either Br. Kenneth or Sr. Farah Deel, OFS
The main series topics of course will be on Spiritual Warfare, Demonology, and related.
Others will be on either topics of interest as  well, in which you'll note the St. Benedict medal in the logo
won't sport a Benedict medal, instead it may represent health, or Science, etc.


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