Many times I hear the question: “How do I dispose of an Ouija board?”. Burning it will release the demon(s), likely upon you! Throwing it away will leave the possibility open that someone else might get a hold of it.
And let me say that you would be surprised at the garbage that is recovered, might even be by your trash service. Imagine if it made a ruckus like the “Jumangi” Game box did in that movie, as to lure one into uncovering it from burial. If you say, ground into a wood chipper, means pieces can be left behind. Another comes by and gets a splinter in their foot, and brings it home.

I realize it may sound a bit movie’esque but, yes it can be that way! Grant it, it might vary from case to case, and this is under the assumption that the board was used to make demonic contact; the board is not fresh from the box.

As it is disposed of, it is said that you should avoid directly touching the object(s) with your hands, especially objects that might be cursed, and wash your hands with holy water after handling if by mistake. Finally end with a prayer to break attachments and a prayer again of protection as you should also begin this task with.
To be on the safe side, have holy water on hand, and handle it with disposable gloves or a cloth you will throw away after. Next, PAINT OVER THE FACE WITH DARK PAINT, and then Let it dry.


Say an exorcism prayer and sprinkle the items with holy water.
Bury it deep, so that no one will find it and the earth will turn it to mulch. Don’t bury it where it might be unearthed later, by landscaping, renovations, sewage maintenance. Think this through!


Vatican Exorcist Gabriel Amorth, said he recited the prayers with holy water, burns the items, then empties the ashes into a river of flowing water. But, we have to remember he is an “Exorcist”




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